Blenheim Pharmacy gets top score for improving safety and quality using TITAN

Blenheim Pharmacy in Luton has been commended by the GPhC for its practice relating to quality and safety around medicines dispensing services.

Prab Channa, the owner of Blenheim Pharmacy, received the report following an unannounced visit by the GPhC inspector in August 2019. Only weeks before Blenheim Pharmacy had implemented TITAN as its main PMR in an effort to improve practice.

Prab found the existing pharmacy systems clunky, inefficient and lacking the functionality to realise his ambitions, so he searched for a solution. He discovered Invatech’s TITAN system – a new PMR system with the potential to bring his entire workflow under one end-to-end system and improve safety and efficiencies.

The impact of TITAN on Blenheim Pharmacy was dramatic, Prab says, freeing up staff time to focus more on patient care.

As the official regulating body of all pharmacies in the UK, the GPhC’s primary principle is about minimising and managing risks including having clear accountabilities of the people involved in providing pharmacy services. The governance arrangements safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public.

The inspection report specifically mentioned ‘Notable Practice” around Principle 1: Governance, stating; “The introduction of the new computer system has improved the safety and quality of services.”

GPhC’s Inspector told Prab she was very impressed with TITAN and singled out the system as contributing “significantly” towards the pharmacy’s safety standards.

The report went on to explain the TITAN workflow in detail;

“Near misses were recorded and reviewed but were reduced by the introduction of a computer system which was being trialled. Scanning the prescription barcode showed the prescription items on a screen. The barcodes on the selected medicine packaging were then scanned. If the medicine selected and scanned did not match what was on the prescription, the system highlighted the item and alerted staff resulting in reduced near misses due to picking errors.

Responding to the report, Prab said; “safety and accuracy of dispensing is arguably the most important role of pharmacy and it is one we cannot get wrong. Implementing TITAN has allowed me to bring our process into the 21st Century and ensure that off the best service possible to our patients.

A full copy of the published report can be found here:

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