How Blenheim Pharmacy grew its prescription business by 60% with care homes

Blenheim Pharmacy, situated in Luton, has been offering its customers a 7-day-week late night pharmacy services since 2014. It’s owner, Prab Channa, qualified in 2012 after completing his pre-registration with Boots. Prab joined Invatech to grow his care home business and we went to ask him about his experience.

What’s your goal for pharmacy?
Healthcare has always been important to my business. After I qualified, wanted to try something new. I wanted to have my own pharmacy business and liked the idea of implementing better medicines management, not just to the community but also to care home residents.

What challenges have you faced in business?
When I started out, I tried growing my business through care homes, but this proved to be a real challenge, not least because of the time involved in preparing blister packs and racks. It was also hard managing this service. Communication with care homes was difficult and our records were often out of date compared to the care home records which lead to mistakes happening. Lack of integration meant that staff in pharmacy and care home did not always know which patient needed medicines updates. There was quite a bit of paper involved and this was also a problem for us and care homes. Since 2016 there have been significant cuts in pharmacy funding and we were affected by 7.5% on our revenues.

How did you come across Invatech’s PCS system?
I came across Invatech’s solution for care home services via a care home manager who had used this system somewhere before. I checked out Invatech’s website and then contacted their Head of Sales, Sajid Ramzan. He gave me more insight into the technology and told me that I could dispense medicines in original packs. I decided to join the service and adopt the CAPA system in my pharmacy. It’s been a blessing in disguise and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s been the outcome?
I have grown my business to 14 care homes around my area and that’s a 60% increase. I can monitor care homes on their use of the PCS device and proactively manage medicines via CAPA. With the new technology offering, I have been able to grow my care home business steadily since 2014. Being with Invatech has helped make a real change, a huge bonus that has helped us provide safer care. My pharmacy practice has become more effective using Invatech technology and CAPA software. Accuracy checking has been effective and a real game-changer, especially for my staff. Invatech helpdesk is also good and offered support when needed. They are very professional company keeping me updated. I have been able to have direct communication with Invatech team and it feels more like a partnership rather than a supplier.

Where do you see yourself going from here?
I see myself continuing to grow my business by servicing more care homes. This is something I was struggling to see before taking on CAPA and PCS. I also saw Invatech’s new PMR system, Titan, at the Pharmacy Show this year. I want it now because it looks and sounds amazing, it will mean ‘No more double entry from my PMR to the other apps like the delivery app and no more errors in dispensing. I can’t wait to have it.

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