Device Hardware

Choosing the right device is important, as there are many things to consider including usability / durability / performance and reliability. 

Minimum Requirements

Operating System

It is an Android only app and therefore Apple iOS devices are not compatible. 

The device needs to be Android v5 or above.

Screen Size

If the screen is too small then whilst the app does resize itself where possible, in some cases you may not be able to view the whole screen. A minimum screen size is 5inches or above


The device must have a Camera, as this is used for functionality within the app and crucially, barcode scanning. 


The app is published on the Google Play Store. To get started simply download the app, and scan the unique QR code our licensing team will send to you via email.


We can only guarantee that the devices in the compatible list below will be suitable for our software. We are continuing to add to our compatible list so keep up to date by visiting this page for the latest compatible devices.


Compatible Device List (Recommended):

We have tested a number of devices and recommend one of the following:

Ascom Myco3

This device is used in many UK Care Homes and we have found it works well under testing and in the field.

Full specification: Ascom Myco3

Where to buy: Contact Ascom directly here

Ascom | Ascom Myco 3 a professional-grade Android™ mobile device

Samsung XCover4

This device performs well and is freely available

Full specification: Samsung

Where to buy: Amazon

Galaxy Xcover 4 16 GB - Black - Unlocked

Samsung A20

This device is reasonably priced and works well with our software

Where to buy: Amazon



Other Compatible devices

There are other devices that are compatible and have been tested with our apps:

Invatech Health Ltd

442-450 Stapleton Road

Tel: 0117 2140315

Invatech Health Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 08972421. Registered office: 442-450 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 6NR. VAT Number: 184392679.