Invatech Health re-launches new look PCS with outstanding success


The management team at Invatech Health have been celebrating the success of the implementation of their new look PCS system which went live in its first care home on 17th November 2014.

The launch of the new look tablet PCS comes only 4 months after Invatech Health acquired the IP of PCS and CAPA. During this time the system has been completely redeveloped so it can be provided by local pharmacies.

Tariq Muhammad, CEO of Invatech Health, said “This is a major milestone in our company and we are delighted to have reached this point in such a short space of time. The positive feedback we have received from both the care home and the pharmacy has made the hard work getting to this point worthwhile.”

Lakeview care home, with almost 200 beds, is amongst the largest in the UK. The home, a previous PCS user, was adversely impacted when Pharmacy Plus was unable to supply drugs and went into administration. The home was forced to return to a national supplier on the traditional paper based system, however, found itself committing a disproportionate amount of time to maintaining medicine stock levels and managing prescriptions under this system.

When Lakeview became aware that their medication would be supplied by their local pharmacy utilising the CAPA system, in conjunction with PCS, the decision was easy for the home and they became Invatech Health’s first care home, acting as a pathfinder. The care home have been very engaged and optimistic about the decision to revert to new look PCS with Caroline Wood, Operations Director/Head of Care for Lakeview saying “The PCS System is easy to use and provides data evidence of safe administration of medication”.

Tariq also recognises the value of the CAPA system to local independent pharmacies in competition with large national pharmacy chains. Pleck pharmacy, a local independent pharmacy, won the contract to supply Lakeview care home from a large national on the back of being able to supply PCS to the care home.

The pharmacy will support the care home with advanced clinical services using the technology now that they visibility of the stock levels and administration data at the pharmacy. As well as substantially increasing its business, Pleck pharmacy has also benefited significantly from not having to provide blister pack dispensing and instead operate a highly efficient barcode dispensing process using the CAPA system and Original Pack Dispensing. Taseen Iqbal, co-owner of Pleck Pharmacy, said “I believe that independent pharmacies can offer services which match those of the larger chain and improve patient safety unlike ever before”.