Titan - a taster of what's to come for pharmacy PMR

Later in 2018, we will be showcasing Titan, an exciting new innovation in pharmacy Patient Medication Records (PMR), which will revolutionise pharmacy processes.

Titan was born of our decades of experience as pharmacists ourselves, and through our ongoing work with pharmacies and care homes to enhance medicine management. Our ideas have been rigorously tested with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cardiff University to ensure that our innovation perfectly matches the needs of pharmacy. And we are convinced that Titan is the PMR solution that pharmacy has been waiting for, regardless of business size or the number of branches.

As part of our research process, we have listened to pharmacists, and have developed a solution to the issues faced by the sector. Many of the problems reported by pharmacists with their current processes and PMRs came up again and again. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Why do I have to tell staff which prescriptions need to be done next, and why do my staff constantly have to refer to me with queries?”
  • “How can I evidence my compliance with CCG and GPhC inspections?”
  • “Why does our PMR not allow us to customise the data presented to staff, so they have quick access to the information they need to perform their job roles?”
  • “How can I track who made a mistake on a prescription?”
  • “Why is my current system so inflexible? It is preventing me from adding in new functions in line with our developing workflows.”
  • “Why can’t the information from my pharmacy system simply be transferred into another system so I don’t have to input the information all over again?”
  • “Why am I paying so much for system features that I don’t use, and why do I have to sign a contract for three years with no option to change my system during that time?”
  • “Why is there no innovation in pharmacy systems to match my evolving requirements?”

If so, then Titan may well be the PMR solution you have been waiting for. We’re busy perfecting the system and will be showcasing it later in 2018. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with developments and be one of the first pharmacies to benefit from what it has to offer, why not register your interest to be kept up-to-date?

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