Invatech appoints a New Marketing Manager for Titan

Invatech is thrilled to announce Titan has appointed a new Marketing Manager, Chloe Spring, to support the high growth of Titan PMR.

It’s all systems go after Titan received full accreditation for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in August 2019, following many years in development and testing.

To date, pharmacies have been restricted in PMR choice and technology, with most solutions adopting outdated platforms and restricted functionality. Titan is beautifully designed, easy to use, and can integrate with many other applications. Titan streamlines workflow and eliminates chaos, improving both customer and staff experience. With pharmacist’s profit margins being squeezed year-on-year, the need for a system that improves safety, accuracy, frees time and is future proof is long overdue.

Titan will disrupt the market. It is going to allow pharmacists to enjoy their work more than ever before and deliver the services they’ve always aspired to since being a fresh-faced graduate. Through technology Titan is going to change the entire customer experience, eliminating frustration with its through interactive software and clever seamless technology. Titan will return control to the pharmacist with the removal of monotonous tasks, leaving more time for their customers and staff. Data tracking will make future-proofing easy and pharmacists will gain much-needed peace of mind with safe barcode scanning software.

“After better understanding the challenges faced within pharmacies and recognising the day-to-day pains, I began to see how dramatically Titan could improve workflow. In that moment I saw Tariq’s Muhammad’s vision for Titan and wanted to be a key part of the Titan journey.”

“Everyone, no matter who you are, knows the pains of going to a pharmacy but I didn’t truly understand the pitfalls pharmacists faced before I started at Invatech. Already impressed with Invatech’s extensive background in pharmacy, the team’s expertise and everyone’s genuine passion to make a difference to the industry; when I understood how nonsensical the current PMR systems were and how simple it would be to resolve the problem, I could clearly see the huge opportunity that lay ahead for Titan.”

“I feel genuinely inspired by Tariq (Invatech CEO) and his vision to innovate the pharmacy industry – putting more profits back in the hands of the well-deserving pharmacists’. With the experience of raising companies' brand awareness and increasing sales, I could see such an opportunity with Titan that I had to get involved. I have seen and interacted with Titan PMR and I’m really excited to work with the researchers, designers and industry experts as a collective, being apart of something more than we are as individuals."

“Titan is a great brand to work for and I’m looking forward to using my marketing expertise to bring the product to the world.”

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