COVID-19: Support from ATLAS eMAR (Part One)

The Social Care Sector is facing a major challenge with COVID-19. Not only does the sector look after the most vulnerable people in our society, the challenge of having enough trained staff to care for these individuals is now exacerbated by the necessary practice of self-isolation. The disruptions in the medicines supply network may also mean that essential medicines do not reach residents in care homes. 

ATLAS eMAR, as the leading electronic medicines management supplier to the care and pharmacy sectors, has a responsibility to help and support the care of individuals in care homes and nursing homes. Therefore, in response, we offer support at different levels. This includes COVID-19 sign and symptom monitoring. 

At ATLAS eMAR we have developed features to help support you in recording and monitoring signs and symptoms of COVID-19. These include:

Recording COVID-19 Symptoms

Users of ATLAS eMAR can record clinical readings and symptoms. This now includes body temperature, oxygen saturation levels, presence of a dry cough or confusion, as well as blood pressure and pulse. The readings can either be taken at the time of medicines administration or independently at times determined by the care home.

COVID-19 Email Symptom Alert

Care Home managers will get an instantaneous email alert on device synchronisation if any residents have high temperatures or low oxygen saturation levels.

COVID-19 Risk Report

A risk report showing residents details and their readings over the last 14 days can be produced at any time.

Integration with electronic Care Plans

We have made these readings available through our APIs that integrate with electronic Care Plans. This allows the readings to be viewed in the context of the overall care of the resident.

To discuss the COVID-19 symptom monitoring and reporting on ATLAS please contact us here.

And see Parts Two and Three for information on free resources for upskilling staff to administer medicines and how ATLAS eMAR helps to ensure continuation of medicines supplies.

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