Best in class care home applications join forces to deliver greater choice

Person Centred Software enhances its mobile management software with Invatech Health’s medicines management system

Guildford, UK – 12 June 2019: Person Centred Software and Invatech Health announce that they have agreed to integrate their applications. Person Centred Software will make its Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM) work seamlessly with Invatech Health’s ATLAS electronic medicines management system (eMAR), giving care homes greater flexibility and the freedom to work with their preferred pharmacies.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.


ATLAS eMAR improves the safety, accountability and efficiency of the medication process.  Care homes using Mobile Care Monitoring will have full visibility of the eMAR within their daily records and care plans.  Combining the platforms ensures critical information will be available when needed and empowers care home staff to understand prescribing and issuing patterns, and ultimately minimise errors. The shared platform also strengthens the partnerships between care homes, GPs and pharmacies, allowing for better integration and collaboration.


Jonathan Papworth, co-founder and CEO of Person Centred Software says, “Care providers are seeing the benefits of reducing risks using electronic systems. Many are now on a digital journey, whether they started with eMAR or electronic care planning, and we are joining them together to magnify the benefits of both solutions.


"We really like that Invatech Health develops its own software, unlike some other meds software providers on the market.  ALTAS eMar delivers an end-to-end workflow, from the receipt of a prescription, through to the delivery of the medication.  Most importantly, it gives care homes the freedom to choose their pharmacist. The care home is in control and they don’t have to change pharmacist to use electronic meds.”


Tariq Muhammad, Invatech Health CEO says, “Care homes must be able to choose the best in class tools and systems for every aspect of their business. Our aim is to ensure that the technologies and the data within the care home environment are fully accessible and can be shared across all and any platforms.


“Our partnership with Person Centred Software was a natural choice. Our mobile technologies are very similar, and our visual applications are built on a deep understanding of the technology and the environment in which carers and nurses operate in.  Not least, we share the same open and collaborative attitude in our aim to ensure care homes have the greatest choice and flexibility.”


Case study:


Ernie Graham owns Cornford House near Tunbridge Wells and is one of the first to benefit from this software collaboration.

Ernie says, “Providing care is complex and multi-faceted. Over the years, we have learnt that the best technology is provided by companies who are specialists in a specific aspect of care. For example, we have a specialist staff rostering system and a different call bell system. For medicine management, we chose the ATLAS eMAR, a specialist product from a company run by experts who are pharmacists and doctors.


“More recently we moved to Person Centred Software due its modern mobile handheld system. It was a big decision to change but one of the main things was because of their technical and open architecture. The company has considerable expertise which they have transferred through several years of developing the software. The Mobile Care Management application uses mobile devices to prompt care and record events. It is very visual, easy to use and it saves a lot of time.”


Ernie adds, “We see a strong case for integration and inter-operability. We have been marketed with ‘one stop solutions’ but don’t want to be limited as to the technology. We want to work with real in-depth specialists, with the analytics undertaken by each provider. And we want to work with the ‘best in class’ in each specialism of care and then apply the analytics from each to combine outcomes and mitigate risk, with all the data available in one place.”


Visit Person Centred Software and Invatech Health at the Health Plus Care Show 2019 on 26th and 27th June at Excel, London.


Person Centred Software’s open API is designed to integrate with all meds and other systems to ensure a complete eco system for care using best of breed products. Person Centred Software operates with other eMAR systems including Omnicell, CareMeds and Best Meds (in Australia only).


Invatech Health is integrating with other care planning systems to ensure its customers have full choice, with Person Centred Software being the first collaboration.


About Mobile Care Monitoring from Person Centred Software 


Mobile Care Monitoring is an intelligent mobile solution for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting from Person Centred Software. 


Our solution enables over 1,200 care homes in the UK to evidence care as it happens with our icon-driven app, which creates more than 2 million care notes every day. Our solution reduces paperwork and gives carers more time to care, improving care quality and the care cycle overall.  


We help providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care. 

Our philosophy is person-centred; providing benefits to everyone involved in care by delivering exceptional tools.  


About Invatech Health and ALTAS eMAR


ATLAS is the only eMAR in the UK to have been independently evaluated. Cardiff University carried out the evaluation as part of the Welsh’s Government’s Health Technology and Telehealth Fund and found ATLAS improves safety by eradicating 21 out of 23 types of errors, improves accountability and reduces missing entries by 80%. The average time saving per care home per month is 65 hours.


ATLAS is provided directly to the care home by Invatech Health and organisations can choose which pharmacy they wish to supply their medicines.


Invatech Health has achieved the international standard in Information Security, ISO 27001, to ensure its ATLAS electronic medicines management system (eMAR) is secure and the processes adopted for data protection are of the highest standard. Atlas eMAR improves resident safety, care home efficiency and accountability.


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