Brundall Care Home saves hours of time on stock control and ordering with Atlas eMAR

What issues did you have in the home that ATLAS eMAR has resolved?

For me mainly it was the stock taking – medication is my passion. The home where I worked at previously had been pulled up by the CQC for medication balances and tallies not being correct, and when I came here the home was inadequate and there were a lot of medication issues. 

eMAR is something I’ve always wanted to do, but the director wasn’t completely aware of the benefits.  We then went to the Norfolk Care Conference in May and Invatech was there with a couple of other eMAR providers. I went there with the directors and for me it is an absolute godsend.

What do you think it was that convinced the directors?

They finally saw how much time I was spending in the week having to speak with the team leaders about medication errors, and the medication accounting. They saw just how much time I was wasting before.

How are your colleagues finding the new system?

It has been very well received by everybody once we had got the hang of the system and I can’t fault it. The guys who do the administration tell me how much it has cut down the time needed to do the rounds which is great.

What would you add to the system?

I would like to see a stock take for drink supplements

What has been the biggest improvement to the home since implementing ATLAS eMAR?

The guys keeping on top of low running stock. We have one particular member of staff who is responsible for ordering the monthly meds, and it was always left to somebody else. Whereas now it is highlighted more often and we are able to keep on top of it.

Would you recommend ATLAS to others?

I went to a training day a few weeks ago, and I got talking to a number of other care home managers about eMAR and spoke to them about why I chose ATLAS eMAR such as the ease and use of the system, and they are now looking to ATLAS eMAR for their homes. Sometimes you just need to see how the product works in practice. If people would like to come to the home and see how well the system works in action I am very happy for people to get in contact with me.

If you would like to arrange to visit Brundall Care Home with Sarah to see ATLAS eMAR in action please send an email to Sarah:


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