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PCS eMAR - transforming medicines management in care homes

We’ve spent decades researching the medicines management problems faced by care homes. Paper-based systems are fraught with errors, the manual nature of processes is time-consuming for staff, and there is little in the way of communication between GPs, nurses and pharmacists.

The PCS eMAR barcode reader scans residents’ care records and medications to prevent dangerous administration errors, and allows doctors to track how well patients are responding to medications.

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what our PCS eMAR users are saying ...

Try as I might, I can't fault the PCS eMAR

“You feel confident when you’re dispensing a prescription. The fact that you can send medicines out knowing that an error can’t be made, and the care home can’t do anything you haven’t pre-authorised, is a real comfort.”

Jonathon Smith, named Welsh Pharmacist of the Year 2016 for using the PCS eMAR

This system is ground-breaking

“The PCS eMAR is so much more than just a gadget in a care home. It is an entire system of medicines governance with daily input from a team of pharmacists who support our care homes to ensure patient safety.”  

Jane Townson, Chief Executive Officer for Somerset Care

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